Research: Exploring innovative brand communication that South African advocacy non-profit organisations can use to increase the size of their audience

This is a research study conducted for an Honours degree in Strategic Brand Communication at Vega. The report received a final mark of 80%.

Abstract: Reaching a large audience is important for non-profit organisations (NPOs) in South Africa as it is the first step to increasing awareness of the problem they are trying to solve, thus helping their organisational goals.

NPOs that use advocacy as a strategy for solving social problems are more powerful (and thus more likely to be heard by decision makers) when they have more people supporting their cause, so brand communications that fail to reach a critical mass of people mean an advocacy campaign could also fail. This is a problem for the NPO sector, and innovative solutions for it need to be investigated.

Much of the research that has been done into NPO communication methods focuses on a global context, so an exploratory, mixed-methods approach was applied to this study to analyse worldwide trends from a South African context, and gather further primary data about how South African NPOs are working to expand their audiences. The findings provide useful insight into ways South African NPOs can deliver value to their campaigns and build their brands.

Download the full research report here. (6MB download)

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