Fictitious agency brand identity developed as part of Vega’s Brand Challenge module, within the Honours in Strategic Brand Communication degree.

December 2016: A stakeholder analysis graphic designed for CC&DW.

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October 2015: The second in a series of research reports from to present the case for divestment from fossil fuels and to highlight that this is not just an environmental issue but a political, economic and moral one as well.

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July 2015: The first in a series of powerful research reports by on how South Africa can transition its economy and development away from fossil fuels and towards a just and equitable society powered by renewable energy.

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November 2014: A research summary for about South African bunks funding dirty coal plants throughout the country and Africa to coincide with the launch of their Fossil Free Africa campaign.

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May 2014: Several case studies on ecological farming practices from partners of AFSA Africa created for the launch of the alliance of organisations working to reform industrial farming practices through Africa.

All case studies downloadable here.